BFA and MWUH Meet For a Wade On The Fox!

PhotobucketWell after some time Brookfield Angler and 1080tommy met up for some smallmouth destruction on The Fox River this morning. This all came together last night when I decided to cancel my flight for this morning because of the significant date and relax with some fishing. I contacted Nick and mentioned my friend and I were going to get back down to The Fox River for a wade. Things came together and the historic day was set. The owner of BFA and MWUH were going to meet up and catch some fish..... or so we thought!!!!
Nick concentrating on the conditions

Met out at Glenwood County Forest Preserve at just after 6am and once again they had the place opened up nice and early for us. We parked and waited a bit for Dave to get there and he was a little bit late so we started fishing. We all started using white twister tail grubs with a 1/16th oz jig heads. My friend Dave got a dink fairly quickly followed by a hit and miss and another small fish. I thought we were going to get into them again but the action slowed and we got nothing for a while. The scenery down there is beautiful though.

Nick and my friend Dave working the current
Eventually we came to the realization that the fish were out to destroy us!!!! The highlight of my day came early on when I asked the question to Nick(BrookfieldAngler) where he was from!!!!!! I then almost immediately realized what a good question that was and felt less than intelligent however; I thought he would cut me some slack because I was up so early. We kept fishing and then tried several different lures. Nick put on a wake bait while I put on a surface bait and eventually a black and silver Diawa Peanut. I almost immediately got a hit on the crank bait held steady in the current and was hoping to be onto something. I did get one more hit and it looked to be a better fish but he got off.

We did not have the best day fishing however it was great to finally meet Nick and do some fishing with him. I hope we can do it again!! Seems the older I get the less I judge an outing on how many fish I catch, but rather trying to leave the outdoors a better place than when I arrived. If I can make a new friend or two that makes it even better.
Dave and Nick still looking for the elusive smallie!



  1. Darn those Smallies anyway! Looks like some pretty country to be chasin' them in. Thanks for sharing, and, I agree that sometimes being out there is "not" just about the fishing.

  2. Great recap, Tom!! It was definitely nice to actually get together and do some fishing. I am sure we will do a lot more...and actually catch some fish too.


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