One Cast - One Bass

This past Sunday, I headed out to go do some fishing. The main target was Bowfin and you can read about that part of the day here.

As I was on my way home from there, I saw an exit sign that said Route 6 - Next Exit. That triggered a memory of a new place I had read about on one of the local fishing forums and the car magically veered its way towards the exit. I called the wife and said I am going to be a few minutes late because I want to go find this new place I heard about. I also told her I wasn't going to fish there, just take a quick look.

As I headed up Route 6, I found the place and headed into the parking area where I drove around a bit. I found a small boat launch and small fishing pier where a few people were trying their luck.

Now....I know that I told my wife I wasn't going to fish there; just look. However, I just couldn't help myself. I had two rods in the back of the truck with two different presentations - a hollow body frog and a 1.5oz Paycheck Baits punching rig. It was almost noon, near 90 degrees, and the water was crystal clear. There was nothing on top so I had two of the wrong presentations, at least in my opinion. I decided to grab the frog and make ONE cast.

As I scurried down a tree and brush ridden hill like a school boy who just stole a candy bar, I found a small opening in the shore that was free from over growth. I made one cast to the other bank, let it sit for a few seconds, and started a slow walk-the-dog retrieve. As the Live Target Frog made its way to a clear ledge/weed line, I saw a silver flash, heard a loud splash, and felt a hard tug. I set the hook and the game of tug-o-war was on!

After a minute or so of trying to get this fish out of a submerged tree, I heaved him out of the water, giggled for a second, and exclaimed - HELL YEAH!

In my hand was a healthy and colorful 20" largemouth football bass. Not bad for one cast

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