Landon's Here!

August 15th - 2:30AM
I am awoken by my wife's calm but serious voice, " Babe...I think we need to go to the hospital" "Really? Are you sure?" I ask. "Yep" she replies.

At that moment, we sprang out of bed and into action. She quickly finished packing the hospital bag while I threw some clothes on, grabbed our things, and we were off.

Upon arrival at the hospital, we got checked in and Rachel was rolled to the labor and deliver room. It was an instantaneous flurry of activity with nurses asking questions, taking her vitals, and attaching all sorts of cords and wires to her. So far, everything looked great. The baby had a fantastic heart beat and so did Mom.

A couple of hours later, her doctor finally arrived and checked her. Her contractions were well spaced and she was already dilated 3cm. The doctor looked at her and said, "Looks like your having a baby today, girly!"

My wife was glowing -when she wasn't having a contraction- and I was trying not to get emotional. As the hours passed, the contractions got stronger and she quickly progressed in labor. Around the 5cm mark, Rachel got an epidural which meant that I had to leave the room. This was the first time I was away from her side and I was not happy about it. It seemed like an eternity had passed before I finally was able to get back in there. I was told there was a bit of scare and the baby's heart rate had dropped a bit, but he recovered quickly.

Time to start pushing! My wife was amazing here. Every contraction, she pushed as hard as she could. She wanted no comforting, no wiping her forehead, no water, no nothing....just leave her alone and count!  I have never seen determination like that before. It was truly awe inspiring.

It is amazing!! I can actually see the top of his head. He is just seconds away from making it out. My wife has a contraction and with all of her strength, she bears down and gives the final push while the doctor catches the head and quickly manipulates the shoulders. With that, our first child slides out the rest of the way.

It's official....he is here!! Nurses are cleaning him and clearing out his lungs while the doctor is working on my wife. From across the room, I can see the nurses taking him to the scale. A few seconds later, a nurse shouts out, "8lbs 12 oz." We looked at each other in complete shock! We were told that an 8lb baby was possible...we never expected an 8-12 though!! That's nearly 9lbs!

With that, here he is - Our brand new son and future Bass Angler of the Year - Landon Nicholas

Landon Nicholas - 08/15/2011 - 8lbs, 12oz

2 days old :)


  1. Congrats! He'll be catching bass in no time!

  2. Congrats to the both of you!! Well done to the Mama and Dad...by next summer you can start his training for Bass Angler of the year =)

  3. Congrats! Take advantage of this precious time that you can still outfish him, soon enough he'll be showing you a thing or two.

  4. @Blake - Thank you! I can't wait for him to start fishing

    @Rebecca - We are already beginning our training. It's WFN 24/7!

    @Clif - Thanks Buddy!

    @Team Mirketti - That means he had a good teacher!

  5. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Brookfield Angler and Happy birthday Landon...you're the catch of the day!

  6. Great name and great job! Congratulations for sure!! Now that you won't be needing your fishing stuff anymore, you can mail it to me. (:


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