Another new team member!

I'd like to welcome Will King as an author on brookfieldangler.com. Will approached me about the opportunity and he really made a great impression. He is an incredibly passionate fly fisherman and even has his own personal blog, The Riparian Corridor.

In addition to being passionate about fly fishing, he is equally as passionate about conservation which really fills the void in that discussion here at BrookfieldAngler.com.

Like Will, I am incredibly passionate about preserving nature for future generations and I am beyond excited to have somebody here to get that conversation started.

Will's BIO can be found here

Please take a moment and welcome Will to the team!

Tight lines,


  1. Well, I don't know Will, but I know he's a bit of character judging by FB. Welcome aboard Will.

  2. LOL you should see him on Google+ ! It took me three minutes of aggressive scrolling to see everything he posted

  3. "Character?" "Aggressive scrolling?" C'mon fellas, I'm not that bad. ...am I? Whatev, I'll do what I want. ha


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