Dave and The 1000 Dollar Bass!!!

My friend Dave has been a hobby enthusiast for a long time and has recently started to fish. We started out the year before last fishing for King Salmon off the pier at Waukegan Harbor. The first time we went out I landed a 14lb King within about 5 minutes of fishing and needless to say, he was hooked. No pun intended!!! The rest of that season we did not get anything else and last season we only made it out a couple of times because of scheduling problems and weather.

This season I was going to buy a boat but had some financial shortcomings and would up purchasing a kayak. I have been using that kayak non-stop ever since. Now Dave had noticed that fishing from shore could be productive and bought some fishing gear and has been going out with me to the local forest preserves in a quest for a Cook County Forest Preserve leviathan. It seemed every time we would go there was a fishermen every 50 feet or so and we were not being productive. Now this is public land so there is nothing we could do about it. Or is there???

This is were it gets interesting. I was talking up the kayak fishing thing with him and Dave watched a few of my videos and saw some of my pictures, and said to me “I should get a kayak.” Now knowing my friend Dave, and believe me he is not the most frugal person on the planet, I stated that he should try my kayak first because they are expensive. I do believe that Dave watched what is probably several full length feature films of kayak fishing on youtube, and then the big day came to try out my kayak.

We went to a local forest preserve lake that had been extremely tough in the past week or so. It was a Sunday morning and again there were many fishermen lining the shores. We set up the kayak and Dave was in business. He paddled to the back of the lake and in about 3 casts landed a nice little largemouth. I believe from that moment on, a new kayak fisherman was born. We did go on to catch a few more that morning.

The next day I get a phone call from Dave saying I found a nice kayak and am going to make an offer. It was a Perception Bimini 15 and looked to be in great shape. The offer was made and the wait was on. Through some intense negotiation, the deal was set and we were off to pick up his first kayak. When we got to his house and took the kayak down and separated everything, Dave said “I had no idea that bass costs so much per pound.” I replied, “Yeah, that bass yesterday cost a 1000 dollars a pound!”



  1. The initial investment will hopefully last him many more seasons to come. Maybe it will end up that he pays a fraction of a penny per pound in the end?

  2. Have to say that I am quite jealous of Dave and the nwe kayak!

  3. If my hunting and fishing investments were ever judged by pounds of meat, I would be screwed!

  4. That's what you call a profitable sports!

  5. I think it depends on the season whether fish would cost that much per pound. I think the kayak will pay itself off over having to rent a boat all the time.


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