Bizz Baits Product Review

Bizz Baits is a local lure company based in Arlington Heights IL which has a soft plastic line of lures for all seasons. They feature five lures in their line including the Flippin Freak, Crafty Craw, The Dizzy Diamond, The Pad Daddy, and The Sassy Stick. These soft plastics are all hand poured and come in a variety of colors. Bizz Baits will also make custom colors upon request.

The Flippin Freak is a creature bait that can be used alone, but really shines as a jig trailer. This lure works well in grass, wood, or docks. The lure is soft and supple yet durable as I personally caught over 20 bass on a single lure and it was still perfect to fish, but I lost it in some wood finally. This lure is similar in profile to a Reaction Innovations Beaver however; there are some subtle differences that make the Flippin Freak a better choice. The Flippin Freak has a thinner profile for getting down in thick grass and the pinchers are noticeably larger and float high simulating the defensive posture of a crawfish.

I have used The Sassy Stick where this lure produced fish when it seemed none of the other lures did so. Again, the lure was soft but seemed durable and on the fall wacky rigged had a great flutter which rivaled and even beat to the much higher priced Senko. After I caught a few fish on a lake in Southern Wisconsin, I will say the lure is similar in durability to that of the Senko, but did catch two fish per stick which at half the price of the Senko makes this an efficient and productive lure.

The Pad Daddy is Bizz Baits top water lure and is a solid performer. When rigged with the proper hook the lure rides with the stomach down and increases hookup ratios. The lure has nice action and the legs seem a little longer and have more movement than most competitor frogs I have used. The Pad Daddy is also a versatile lure that can be worked subsurface as well as in the thickest grass mat or slop.


My overall impression of these soft plastics is that they are priced right, durable, and most importantly, they catch fish. They come in a variety of colors and with the option of custom colors, there is no option that can not be attained. So give them a try and see if you like them as much as I do.

By: Tom Czapiewski

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