A great giveaway contest from Owl Jones!

Here is a fun contest that Owl Jones is having from Owljones.com

Here are the rules:
1. Draw (by hand or in Paint or similar) a picture of any one of the bloggers listed below. You can use a photo off their website to go by, but NO TRACING. Make it your own version of that person.

2. Mail the photo to me with a note that has your name, address (in case you win!) and email on it.

3. The photos must reach me by August 15th. Email me: owl@owljones.com to get my address in order to enter…

4. The only writing on the photo should be the blogger’s name. Not your name…the name of the blogger you immortalized. ;)

5. Pictures will be digitially copied and posted on the website on August 20th and everyone will vote on the winner.

6. As always here at OJDC, funny is good and your picture should be something we can laugh at. No rude, crude, or mean stuff.

7. The winner will be announced on August 25th, so you’ll have 5 days to vote.
You MAY NOT draw yourself. ;) Sorry!

Hint Hint - pic a picture from the many here!! :)

Enjoy and good luck!

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