Bowfishing rant

Let me first start off by saying that I have never actually gone bowfishing...

Lately, on a few local fishing forums, there have been some questions popping up regarding the disposal of the fish they slaughter. Being a pretty strict catch and release person, this really erks the hell out of me. Why go out and kill a fish with absolutely no plans to eat it or use it? Talk about a waste of a perfectly good fish and taking away an opportunity for someone else to catch it.

Obviously, there are a couple of fish that I would be OK with this, like asian carp, but aside from those obvious invasive and damaging species, why would anybody do this?!

Enlighten me - please.


  1. Whether you're killing them with a worm and bobber, a shotgun, hand grenade, or bow and arrow wasting a fish is just back form (and probably illegal in some places). Unless they're killing off nuisance species, like the Asian Carp, killing something without purpose is just wrong.

  2. i bowfish but hate the idea of a fish going to waste. i mostly target tilapia which are delicious to eat. i have seen many people just kill and dispose of the fish they kill. ive always given them a piece of my mind.

  3. To me, that is best way to do it. If you plan on eating those fish, then rock on! But to just kill some fish for the sport of it, seems like a ridiculous waste!

    And I, too, love tilapia!


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