Best fishing day in long time and a new species!

The plan today was to meet up with Dan Sims of Sims Spinners, and Matt with MC Custom Rods, to hit the river in the evening for some summer pike action. I left around 6pm so I could get out a few minutes before they arrived. When I did arrive, I parked the truck and went to the  back so I could put my little wading box together with the lures I planned to use for the evening. As I opened the back of the truck, I said to myself, "Hmmm where the heck are those three boxes?" Instantly, I thought they may have been stolen - then I was figured that wasn't the case. My next thought was that I left them at home. Nope, that wasn't it.

And then it hit me....the other day, I took the wife fishing because I needed some photos for Matt. (The write up on that day can be found here.) Towards the end of that day, those little blood suckers with wings were really biting, so the wife and I rushed to the truck and called it a night. What I didn't grab before we left, were those three boxes of lures I was looking for today. Keep in mind, this was playing in my head like a motion picture at an IMAX theater. It was so clear. I knew exactly where I left them and knew exactly what happened.

I was sick to my stomach. In those three boxes contained no less than $100 in spinners, $50 in stick baits, 4 Live Target frogs, and various other stuff. Needless to say, I WAS PISSSED!!!! At that moment, I couldn't care less about fishing. All I wanted to do was head to the house and be pissed at myself for losing that much tackle. How could I be so absent minded? How could I be that stupid?

I called my wife and told her what happened. In her infinite wisdom and optimism, she says, "Well you should go back and see if they're there." I muttered in my head, "Yeah right...this was two days ago. How could you be that naive." Of course I didn't say that aloud. Instead, I said, "Good idea babe...it's worth a shot."

So off I went...five minutes later I was at the spot. I got out of my truck without even shutting it off. I raced to the top of the small hill and what do I see? MY THREE BOXES OF TACKLE!!!!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes. How could this be? Am I dreaming?

I raced down the hill, swooped them all up, and immediately I was happier than a kid on Christmas morning.  I called the wife and told her the good news and how happy I was.

With that, I decided to head back to the spot where Dan, Matt, and I were supposed meet. I threw on my gear and started fishing. At this point I didn't care one bit about catching a fish.

And then it happened...I caught a new-to-me species!!! I won't spoil it with words. Instead, I'll just say that this river always surprises me and leave you with a photo....


  1. Good story, great retrieval! I am glad that I am not the only one who prone to that stuff happening. Tee Hee. BTW, what do you call that new species?

  2. I once caught 1/2 a shell in the surf. No fish. No clam. No anything but 1/2 a shell. It put up a brilliant fight( for 1/2 a shell) but I think this one you've caught beats mine hands down.
    Nice work. ( And yay for getting your gear back! )

  3. @Mel - Im not sure yet. I have been trying to think of a name that could rival the FourSeason Angler's "Urban Jellyfish" I was thinking "Electric Goby"

    @Owl - Yeah, this was a pretty good catch. Completely unexpected and exciting. I have hear those half shells could put up a great fight!

  4. Shocking!!!!! Haha!!!!!

  5. Thats some electric fishing

  6. Victor A. Mejias6/30/2011 10:52 AM

    Some fish the inlet some fish the outlet

  7. I'll call it the Rust Plug

  8. I see you caught a Plug-and-Play fish. I hear they put up quite the fight...

  9. We've got some good ones so far; KEEP THEM COMING!

  10. Andy V Tikimahn K6/30/2011 11:09 PM


  11. Midwestern Power Fish

  12. When I said that most of the fish were hiding in the current, this isn't what I had in mind.

  13. @Samurai

    Yeah, I figured that I may have taken it too literally. I do that sometimes...it's sorta my thing

  14. Is that the famous Lightning Crappy??? Man I have only heard stories of about those and never has anybody ever got a photo of one. That is like the jackalope of the ponds man!! Congratulations on that catch. I hope you have it mounted and placed over the fireplace.

  15. It's obviously a Sockeye Socket

  16. Posting this for BipolarAttorney who is having trouble commenting due to firewall:

    Common name: (DPR) Electric Chub
    Scientific name: Semotilus eletricus

    Descript: While native to the Home Depot, this rare variety of chub can be found in limited bodies of water that are typically adjacent to highways, landfills and trailer parks. The Electric Chub is known to have developed, over time, in two distinct varieties, a single and double socket version, the latter typically putting up a more lengthy battle due to its larger size and weight

  17. Some days of fishing, you just feel like the light goes on and your totally plugged in.


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