Bassin for photo ops

Matt from MC Custom Rods built me a sweet travel rod not too long ago. The story behind the rod and initial impressions can be found here .
Anyways, Matt sent me an email the other day looking for any photos I had of the rod in action or fish I caught with it. The only one that I really had was a fantastic photo of a nice little brown trout except for one thing...I had some water on the lens so it was a bit blurry in a critical portion of the shot. I told him not to worry, I will get out in the next couple of days and get some bass pictures with it - so today, I did just that.

My wife was itching to be outside since it was so nice this evening and I told her I would only go out with her if we could go fishing so I could get these photos. Thankfully, she agreed! She even seemed a bit excited about it. Since this rod is my only spinning set up, and she doesn't know how to use a bait caster, she was the master of this one today. She ended up landing 3 decent largemouth on it which meant 3 great photo ops!Here are some pictures of her fish today and a few more for Matt to choose from for his new site!

Overall, it was a good little 1 hour outing; the wife got three and I got six. Gotta love quality fishing time with her. I love how much more she likes it every time she catches another bass.


  1. Be careful, before you know it, she will be out fishing you. Gotta' love it, anyway!

  2. That will be the day! I would feel mighty accomplished as a great teacher at that point.

  3. Dern fine eatin' you got thar. I caught some bass that big one time back in '54 but we wuz feeshin' some ole codger's pond and we dropped ever'last one of 'um runnin fer our lives. Buckshot stings!


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