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This blog was originally created as a place to keep track of Nick's (site founder) different fishing outings including photos, stories, and information on the day. As it has progressed, Nick's vision for the site has shifted slightly to include not only his own experiences, but those of other anglers as well. As time progresses, there will be new authors sharing their own unique experiences as well. The goal is to provide a diverse gathering of stories from different parts of the country, different styles, and different perspectives that can appeal to a greater audience.

You can learn more about all of the authors by clicking here

This site thrives on interaction, so feel free to subscribe, follow, comment, and share. Nothing makes this more fun than feedback from all of you who read this!

For questions, comments, advertising, link-sharing, or anything else, you can contact Nick at brookfieldangler@gmail.com

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  1. so who is the new writer?

  2. Well, Owl Jones (Owljones.com) is going to be doing a guest post here and there.

    I am adding one full time writer right away. He will be introduced tonight or tomorrow!

  3. Can't wait, toyed with the idea some myself. I came to the conculsion I dont play well with others. I'm working on that though!


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