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My latest work trip has taken me to Atlanta, Georgia for the 2011 Interwire Show. This particular show has a very long set up period so I have had a bit more free time than usual. I took advantage of this free time to go explore some fishing spots around the city.

photo courtesy of MC Custom Rods
Before leaving, I received my new custom travel rod that I had built for me by MC Custom Rods. Since I travel quite a bit for work, I wanted a light tackle spinning rod that I could fit in my suitcase without much hassle. After looking around at what was out there, I came to a couple conclusions. The first was that travel rods cost a ridiculous amount of money. The second conclusion is that there is a limited selection on travel style rods and the ones you have aren't very good. These conclusions led me to MC Custom Rods. I told them exactly what I was looking for and what I expected in terms of quality. As a result of this conversation, I was given this beauty.

The new travel rod is 6'6" long when fully assembled. It features an amazingly comfortable cork handle, micro guides, and these red/orange wraps that just radiate in the sun. When you break it down, there are three pieces no longer than 27.5" which fits perfectly in my suitcase.

~Now time for the test!

On Friday, I stopped in a local Atlanta fishing shop called The Fish hawk. It is located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta and staffed by a bunch of pure outdoors guys. As soon as I walked in this place, I could tell these people were into fishing and the outdoor lifestyle. Their main focus is fly fishing, but they have a sufficient selection of standard tackle as well. I quickly sparked up a conversation with one of the guys working there to find out where the good fishing is in Atlanta. They suggested that I head to the lower Chattahoochee River just below the dam at Lake Lanier. The guy was cool enough to draw me a map that took me right to the spot he recommended. I wanted to target some river trout so he suggested his personal favorite lures and colors. After a short drive, I arrived to a section of the river called Settles Bridge. Immediately upon my arrival, I was taken back by the amazing clear water and fantastic scenery.

I spent a little bit walking down stream and taking it all in. I then took a minute to tie on my Rooster Tail with white skirt and gold blade before walking the bank in search of that ideal area I had in my head for trout. Keep in mind, I have never fished for trout nor have I ever caught one. I had this picture in head of trout sitting behind rocks in shallow, but fast moving cool water. I could hear some faster moving water ahead so I trekked on. What I came across was an area that matched that picture perfectly. There were some obvious rocks and pools that fit my preconceived notion of what a trout stream should look like. 

I immediately started casting upstream and figuring out the feel of water and the action of lure as it was swept down the current. I played with different retrieve speeds and found a perfect combination that kept the lure slightly off the bottom but allowed the single blade of the Rooster Tail to barely spin. Shortly after figure this magic retrieve out, I felt an aggressive little tug on the medium light 3 piece rod and saw a quick flash of a fish resulting in a nice hook set. With that, I retrieved a fish that I have only seen in pictures and on TV.

I fumbled for my phone and enabled its camera for a quick photo opportunity. The colors of these little trout are spectacular. His spotted pattern and rainbow of colors can't be captured by my inadequate cell phone camera. They are quite a feisty fish and do not sit still long enough to really get a good picture. This feistiness resulted in missed photo opportunities of two more fish. On the second fish, I dropped the phone as I was trying to quickly get it ready to take a picture which resulted in the battery falling out. On the third fish, I just couldn't keep my hands on the fish! He was the biggest coming in around 13 to 14 inches and the least happy about being caught.

I could have stayed out there for hours exploring the river but without my waders, I decided to call it quits after three fish. I have a new found respect for these fun fish of the current and if I ever get down here again, I am making sure I bring my waders and a 3wt fly rod. Hopefully, I can bring someone with who will have the camera ready! Then again, the camera can be a jinx sometimes, so maybe I'll leave it at the hotel.

The new rod performed great and is exactly what I was looking for. If anyone is interested in ANY style rod and want MC Custom Rods to build you one, send Dan Sims an email at Dan@sims-spinners.com


  1. Now hold on! An avid angler from Chicago catches his first trout in Georgia? Nice fish, lousy pic, great post.

  2. Welcome to the world of trout fishing. Here is too many Happy Hookups with trout as you get your feet wet!

  3. I'll be your camera man, sir. Let me know when you get back this way. ;)

  4. Thanks Owl!

    LOL, yes John, strange things happen!

    Thanks Mel!!

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