Senko style baits and fluoro?

So I have read in a thousand different places about using fluoro for fishing senko style baits like the Stankx Stix. I spooled up one of my baitcasters with some 12lb p-line and went to the local pond to get a feel for it.

Up until now, I have always used PP with a fluoro leader. What I like about it is that I can see the line move since it tends to float. The sensitivity is also pretty decent.

What I instantly noticed about the fluoro is how fast it sinks. I didn't get any fish that day and I can't help but wonder, did I miss a bite because I couldn't see the line move? Can you still use the line activity as an indicator of a bite? Does it show as quickly as powerpro? Keep in mind that I am not vertically fishing these.

I just acquired a new Shimano Curado 201e7 and am trying to figure out what I want to spool that up with so I'd love some feedback here because as of now, I am not really feeling much confidence in the fluoro.



Came across some interesting stuff about fluoro. Apparently, the whole less stretch thing seems to be pretty much false. The invisibility is somewhat inconclusive in regards to a comparison with mono.

The only advantage that seems to be confirmed here is the abrasion resistance when wet.


Based on this, it looks like I'll be sticking to my braided with fluoro leader set up.


  1. Ever use Spectrex IV from P-Line? It's PowerPro at half the price. I get 3 to 4 seasons out of one spool, and the spools are running $11 to $12 for 200yds.

    Don't fill up with fluoro unless you plan on fishing deep hard bottom contacting baits.

  2. Ya know, I had looked at it but heard a lot of negatives about it like fading and fraying. I may have to pick up a spool and give it a try though.

    Where are you finding it for that price?

  3. I'm a die hard fan of vanish transition fluoro. I use it for everything. I think the extra viability and sensitivity has helped me put a ton more fish in the boat the last 3 years

  4. I saw the title of this post and came to tell you flouro doesn't work for fishing senkos on slack line. You'll miss strikes because the line sinks and you can't see it.

    It seems you already know that, so now I'm just agreeing with you.

    I use mono with Senko style baits.

  5. Blake, can you still sight fish with it on slack line or did you just gain some more feel with it? To me, it feels like it would take so long for a bite to be seen with it because the line that is visible outside of the water is so far from the hook and it would take forever for that movement to be seen.

    With braid, the exposed line is much closer to the hook.

    Clif - thanks bud! Overall I am not a big mono fan with the exception of casting and spinning gear. It's funny because you read stuff from people like yamamoto who swears by fluoro for senkos.

  6. I actually have a post half written about fishing with senkos and I mention fluorocarbon not working well...someday I'll finish and post it.

    I also mention how I prefer spinning reels with senkos too :)

  7. Honestly I dropshot 90 percent of the time I fish worms. Senkos have never been my thing but overall fluoro is my go to line. Either way when I'm deadsticking weightless plastics I would tight line them.

  8. Yeah. Fluoro frays PLENTY. Not from fish bites but from working structure. I respool at least twice as often with fluoro as I do with mono.

    IMHO Stick with mono unless your spots have no submerged structure and no rocks (which automatically sounds like useless habitat for fish).


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