A Sunday wade - Part II

After a long and stressful two week work trip, I was itching to get out and hit the water. My plan was to hit the DesPlaines near Lyons with the fly rod and work on general casting and mending. I was going to wait until 2'ish so the weather would get a bit warmer, but around noon my phone alerts me to a text message from Dan at www.sims-spinners.com saying, "Wanna wet a line?" Of course, I wasn't going to say no, so off I went! We got out there around 12:45 and started the long haul, through some of the thickest cattails I have ever waded through, to one of the backwater areas that Dan had targeted for pike. After about 45 minutes of nothing, I could hear Dan whisper in a excited voice, "Nick, there's a big pike right here!" He continued, "He just hit my line twice!" Unfortunately, it seemed that the fish was short striking, and he was unable to hook up. About a minute later, I got rocked about 50 feet from where Dan had just gotten hit. I, like Dan, missed the opportunity. Another minute, or so, went on and Dan got nailed again! Once again, a short strike. Frustrated, he said, "Here Nick, I've missed him twice, see if you can get him." Of course, I am not one to pass on a golden opportunity, so I threw my line in the direction Dan had gotten hit twice, and after a few casts, BAM! This time he was on! After a brief fight, and letting him burn some energy, Dan knelt down, and grabbed him. After unhooking, snapping a few photos, and admiring this healthy young DPR pike, he was released to do whatever it is that a young pike does. 

A short while later, we were joined by Andrew Ragas of www.fishing-headquarters.com.  We fished the area for a short while more until we decided to check out another spot. It looked promising when first arriving, but ultimately turned out the be a bust with the exception of a carp that swam a bit too close to Andrew's spinner. Around 5:30 or so, we all decided to call it a day.

Until next time....


  1. It's better then an afternoon on the couch my man!

  2. Hell yeah it was!! I never snapped a picture of it, but when we were hiking through the woods, we saw an old limestone brick foundation that was in ruins. I really wonder how old it was, what it was, and the history of it. I have to admit that I am amazed at the history and nature you can still find so close to Chicago.

  3. Looks like some cool fishin for around here. I am looking forward this season to getting off the shore because I now you have probably seen I got a yak. I got an Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler and this thing looks great. I put a Humminbird 597 CI HD DI GPS/ chartplotter on it and hopefully will be able to expand my fishing horizons as the season wears on. Good luck as we get into some reat good fishin!!!!

  4. I saw that! I must admit I am slightly jealous. As I was back there wading, I was thinking how good a yak would be back there!


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