Snakehead Hunt - Coming soon

I have made a decision to utilize all of this travel that I do for work and start bringing some fishing gear with me where ever I go. I am going to be in D.C. int he middle of March so I started researching some fishing options.

That's when I discovered the huge population of snakehead that live in the Potomac and it's tributaries. Being something that isn't too prevalent up here yet, I can't resist the challenge.

My plan is to hit Dogue Creek where it i said that they are in the thousands. Lure choices are going to be the RC wake bait, Mann's minus 1, and some senkos.

Will post results!! I may even throw a bottom line out for some blue cats that are thriving in the same area.


  1. A snakehead would be be great addition to your species list. I look forward to hearing the results of your trip.

  2. Thanks fishin fool! I am getting pretty excited for the trip. I figure that I will be able to dedicate a full day on the water this trip. Hopefully luck will be on my side!

    I figure worst case scenario is that i catch a few bass

  3. All right, I'll follow along. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading about your first snakehead.

  4. I'm always on the hunt for unusual opportunities, never thought of a snakehead as a reality though. Good luck in your endeavor.

  5. I saw the Snakehead episode in River Monsters, and he had good luck in FL using a frog topwater lure. I have this same desire to get one (or more) of those invasive suckers.

  6. @socalsalty

    Thanks Salty...

    I saw that episode as well. That actually got me curious about them and started my search. I am going back to DC next week and am going to try to find some time to fish for them. The water should be warm enough for them to start getting active!


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