New Product Review - Sims Spinners

I first heard about these hot inline spinners last year through the local forums and word of mouth. I got a hold of Dan, owner of Sims Spinners, and ordered up a few of his stock lures.

Initial impressions
Upon recieving them, I was quite impressed. They felt and looked incredibly solid, and that made me even more eager to try them.

Short term impressions
I went out to the Des Plaines river near Riverside, and decided to put them to the test. First impressions were great. Even the biggest ones started spinning almost immediately. They have a nice float to them at all speeds. Once the blades were moving, you could slow roll those things at just about any speed.

One of the last ones I tried, was a single nickel blade with white skirt. After a few casts, I noticed a fish jump and cast right at it. Within 3 cranks, that thing hit like a train! Ended up being a 30ish" pike.

Long term
After catching several bass, pike, and gar with these things, I am still impressed. I initially had a bit of an issue with the weak resin that held the hair skirts to the treble on a few of the lures. I contacted Dan and he said that the problem will be corrected. On subsequent lures I have received, the problem does seem to be fixed.

Buy them! Tell them what you are looking for and they will make it! These are some of my favorite spinners I have or have ever had.

Update - July 2011

I think I have about 20 of these lures in my arsenal at this point. Everyone of them is fantastic! These are definitely one of my big confidence lures for an array of different species!

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