Busse Woods Warm Water Discharge - 02/05/2011

Since I am leaving for Orlando tomorrow, I figured I would get out for a little bit today at Busse. I made a stop at Lee's Bait and Tackle on the way there to pick up some of those super hot Jackall Flick Shakes. I met a couple of friends out there as well. When we got to the fishing spot, there was one other guy fishing with some live bait. He managed a couple of small bass, but nothing to write home about.

As for me...nothing. Had a couple of small bites that I can only assume were blue gill. The weather was generally sunny which seems to spell doom for WWD at Busse. The water is so clear and shallow that the fish just scatter. Today I used Flick shakes in pumpkin, blue, and black with red flake. For the most part I fished them whacky rigged on a 1/16oz jig head.

Even though there were no fish caught, it still was nice to be out.


  1. I went by busse tonight and salt creek on golf is totally open. I think the lake should be mostly open especially by the dams. I am going to buy some berkley 2" minnows tonight and am thinking of heading over there after work tomorrow to check it out. I will post the results.

  2. Got out a little later than I wanted and the lake is still frozen. There is some open water on the north side of higgins and the creek that goes under higgins is open. Salt creek on the north is open as well. The main dam and wwd is open and the water is the highest I have ever seen it at the main dam and it is extremely dirty. Threw a berkley #5 Pearl white flickershad and a gulp emerald shinner 2" minnow on a 1/8 oz chartreuse jighead with no luck. Moved over to the wwd and saw many panfish and some fairly good sized bass probably between a pound and 2 pounds swimming around because the water is crystal clear. Same lure selection with no takers. Was talking with some of the people fishing and one guy told me to go down into the creek about a 1/4 mile south of the wwd and there was an opening were people have taken early season walleyes so I went. There is a great spot and the current flows through the south side of the creek and the north side opens up into a nice wide pool. There is a large eddy entering the pool and now with the water cranking I thought I would get bit here. There were about 7 other guys there but one was throwing a large musky plug don't really know what he was thinking because water temps are still low for such a big plug and all others were just letting their rods sit on the bottom. The one guy who was telling me this was a great spot was using a yellow grub with a large jighead probably 3/8 to 1/2 oz and he had some pictures out of this pool and the best was a 32" tiger musky caught last year. Nice guy. All in all a great day to be out and the walleyes should be starting to stage for the spawn soon as well as bass and panfish.

  3. Thanks for the update, Tommy!!

  4. Got out to busse at about 12:30 and although the water was high, it was less muddy than before. The water was moving moderately and looked like I could get the skunk out of my box this year. Started at the arlington pool on the north west side right where salt creek empties into the pool. Real nice current break near deeper water. Started with the #8 X-rap in hot steel, and a 3" berkley gulp minnow emerald shinner witha pink 1/8oz jighead. Got nothing covered the whole pool and then on the way back switched to a #5 perch flickershad, and a 4' perch with a chartreuse tail swimbait. Covered the whole pool back towards salt creek and the main dam and got nothing. There was another guy out there with several lines in the water and he was using live bait, little minnows and he also did not get a bite. I still think the water is too cold and we need some upper 40's and 50's to get the water were the walleyes will kick into high gear. Great to be out but really want this skunk out of the box this year already.


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