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I was inspired by a fellow fisherman's 2010 year end recap on one of my favorite local fishing forums, www.chicagolandfishing.com, so I decided to start keeping track of my results this year. Every time I go out, I will note water conditions, lures used, weather conditions, and anything else I can think of.

Hopefully as the year warps up, I can find some patterns that may help my, or any of you readers, future fishing outings!

Remember ALWAYS catch and release!!


  1. I will follow suit and post my results on water, weather, and general conditions when I catch fish. I fish around the northern part of illinois and some into wisconsin but I think Busse Lake will be a prime focus this year because there are some good fish in there and it is 10 mins from my house. I will also be focusing on smallie fishing the lakefront and king salmon in the fall. I too have a place were I will chronicle these events and started my own hunting and fishing forum. Feel free to check it out, www.midwestwaterfowlanduplandhunter.com There is a whole section devoted to fishing. I am also a member over on chicagolandfishing which is a great site. Good Luck and I'll keep ya posted.

  2. Awesome, Tommy! I am slightly jealous of your closeness to Busse. That is definitely a unique and diverse area.

  3. Ya I think I am going to fish there a lot this spring and summer. The lakefront is going to be on the list as well. I started out there a little too late for the good smallie bite but busse is unbeatable for me. Actually feel bad because I have lived here for 10 years and only started to fish Busse last year. Got some real good results on bass though. Cant wait to locate some walleyes and pike.

  4. Cool Stuff Nick! :)


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