Frog bassin time is here!

I had to drop of a rod to Ed at FSA Customs so he could change a couple things for me so I stopped by lake pretty close to his place. The lily pads were just starting to sprout about the water surface so I couldn't fight the urge to throw a frog.

The best producing pads had sun shining right on them, were no more than a couple feet deep, and were close to deep water.

It was a very fun hour of frogging


Bad Influence

Adam over at CoolWaterFish.com and I have been blog buddies for quite a while now. He reminds me a bit of myself (not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing) in terms of his fishing style. Like me, he is a multi-species angler as well as a multi-technique angler - trout, bass, carp, fly rod, casting gear, etc...he mixes it up.

Well imagine my surprise when I saw his latest post titled "Launching into kayak fishing"!

Since I love to hear about people just getting into something new like kayak fishing, I had to give it a read. I was then honored to read that I was one of the mentioned influences that pushed him over the edge.

I've said this before about blogging but I'll say it again - I love the interaction and feedback I get from everyone of you that reads this site. I love that you take the time to comment or like a post on the various social media pages I have.

I really love knowing that I reach some of you enough to introduce you to something new or help push you over that fence that you might be leaning on. I count on so many of you to do the same for me. I've learned of so many new techniques, locations, styles, events, and products from other bloggers as well. It feels good to know that I can give back. I'll keep doing what I do and sharing it with everyone. Hopefully you all can do the same so we can all grow together.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check Adam out and follow along as his addiction to the kayak fishing world takes off!!


Mysterious Lake X report and video!

A couple weeks back, I met up with Teddy from Lucid Fishing to check out a place known around here as "Lake X". I've heard all sorts of things of why people call it that and they all sounded incredible. While the lake does have an actual name, it's kind of a guarded secret that is only shared with those who are lucky.

Reports of biggg bass and all sorts of various other big fish can be found scattered on various local fishing forums and it's enough to get anyone excited. For whatever reason, I had never even thought of heading there until recently.

I couldn't have been there more than ten minutes before I was landing my 3rd bass. It was then that I finally turned my action cam on.

There were a ton more fish caught, missed, lost, etc...that never made it on camera thanks to bad angles or dead batteries. With the exception of a couple, I never really got into any of the larger fish that supposedly swim in there but the numbers were out of this world. The hot baits were a BIOVEX Stay 80 jerkbait and StankX Damsel on a swim jig. 

Quite frankly, it was the most fun I've had fishing in a quite a while. Truly non stop action in extremely shallow water. 

I heard that the summer frog bite is the stuff of dreams so I will absolutely be headed back for that!


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